Flats for Rent in Nadi

Three Apartments

  • Secure, partly furnished one bedroom flats
  • Rent from F$1,500 per month
  • Air-con and ceiling or wall fans
  • Private entrance andprivate veranda
  • Video Showing all Apartment Locations & Entrances
    Watch Video of The Apartments

    The apartments are located on the ground floor of a private resident, occupied by a Rotuman/English couple whose grown-up children now live in Australia and other parts of Fiji. The house is located in the tourist hub of Wailoaloa Beach, five houses back from the beachfront. The neighbourhood has a six hotels, a dozen restaurants, mini supermarket, liquor shop, golf course and is serviced by regular bus into Nadi Town.

    The three 1-bedroom apartments are located downstairs and offer versatile living space, each with its own electricity metre box, but can be connected to make a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment. The apartments sit at least 1 metre higher than the level of the road, free from localised flooding during heavy storms. The front apartment is accessed without a step but rising upwards from the driveway; whilst the back and middle apartments are accessed by three steps leading from the ground level.

    All apartments have separate bedrooms, good size kitchens, private bathrooms with hot water shower, lounge areas, laundry and private veranda area. All three apartments also have air-con and wall fans, with iron screen doors protecting the main entrance doors.


    Combined Apartments - 2-Bed or 3-Bed Options


    All three 1-bed apartments are connected (front to middle by two interconnecting doors; middle to back via a storage room). This set-up allows all apartments to be combined as one huge living space; or made into 2-bedroom apartments; or simply as three individual 1-bedroom apartments.